Call for interest - officials and coaches for western canadian championships

The SWA will be sending a team to the Western Canadian Championships taking place March 30, 2019 in Kelowna, BC.

We will be bringing officials and coaches. This is an official call for interest for traveling with the team as either an official or coach. The number of officials and coaches will be determined by mid February. The travel dates will be March 29 departure and March 31 return.

The requirements are as follows:

Officials: Must be a Level 4 or higher. The SWA Provincial Level 4 Technical Official is the first level of officiating. SWA Level 4 TO's may officiate at all SWA hosted competitions.

*Officials who attend have the opportunity to upgrade. 

Coaches: Must be a level 1 or higher.


Please complete the form below

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You can choose more than one, but can only hold one position if selected.
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Example: Interest in upgrading as an official, preference of an official or coach position (if selected both positions), interested but will need to ensure time off will be approved.