As part of the CWFHC’s commitment to advancing coach training and competency, we are proud to announce the new “competency-based” format for coach certification in weightlifting.  This new format replaces the old NCCP model, which ranked coaches in levels from 1 through 5.  The new coach certification levels for weightlifting are:

1. Club Coach

2. Provincial Coach

3. High Performance Coach

The advantage of the new format is that it recognizes excellence at each level of coaching.  For example, although one coach may excel at working with international calibre athletes, she or he may not have the skills to coach beginner or intermediate athletes.  As a result, the new format recognizes and promotes excellence at each level of coaching specialization.

Another improved feature of the “competency-based” format is that it requires each coach to satisfy practical requirements in both the training and competition environments (Evaluation).  Although the standards differ between levels, Performance and High Performance certification levels additionally require the weightlifting coach to have a documented history of athletes at higher levels of performance.

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The NCCP Club Coach Weightlifting certification is intended to develop coaches competent at working with beginner and intermediate level athletes.  No prior experience with weightlifting is required, as there is ample time spent on learning to perform and teach the techniques of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  The NCCP Club Coach certification replaces the old NCCP Levels 1 & 2 Certifications.  As shown in the figure, there are several aspects to becoming a certified Weightlifting Club Coach. As with all NCCP Certifications, it is necessary to complete the theoretical courses (Multisport Modules: Competition – Introduction Parts A & B) offered by the NCCP.  

This can be done before or after the technical course; Weightlifting: Competition – Introduction (Club Coach), offered by the CWFHC.  At the completion of these courses, the coach candidate is considered to be NCCP trained, but not yet certified.  It is only after the practical coach evaluations that certification is achieved.  Prior to practical evaluation, the coach candidate is expected to participate in active coaching in order to develop his or her portfolio, which is a record of coaching experiences.  During this time, the candidate is expected to attend a short Officials workshop to obtain category IV status as a provincial level Official.

Finally, the practical evaluation requires two separate assessments: one in Training, and one in Competition.  All evaluation criteria and resources are provided in detail in the Weightlifting Competition – Introduction workshop.  These evaluations are followed by a debrief with the candidate, after which certification is then granted as an “NCCP Weightlifting Club Coach”.



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