NCCP Comp Intro - June 09-10, 2018.

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NCCP Comp Intro - June 09-10, 2018.


NCCP Comp Intro Course.

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The NCCP Comp Intro Coaching Clinic will be held on June 09-10th, 2018 at the University Of Regina.  This course is two days in length and will run from 8:00am-6:00pm on Saturday and 8:00am-2:00pm on Sunday.  The course will be an action and education packed day for all attendees with loads of theory and practical application. This course is the opening steps to becoming a certified Comp Intro coach with in the SWA and NCCP systems.  

REMINDER - in the 2018-19 season it will be mandatory to have a COMP INTRO coaches certificate to be able to coach at SWA competitions....the time is now to get your certification process started. 

All aspiring and current coaches should be aware that the goal of the SWA is to continue to develop and ensure that all coaches are fully "certified" as a comp intro coach, which means that in the future we will be enforcing that all coaches in the warm-up area of SWA competitions will be required to hold a full certified comp intro status - more info to come on this in the future.  The full process to becoming certified with in the comp intro stream is as follows;

- Coaches must have; Competition Introduction Part A (Making ethical decisions, planning a practice, and nutrition) & B (teaching and learning, designing a basic sport program, and basic mental skills) modules through the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan in order to be fully certified, but is not required to take this course. 

This course will cover the following items;

- Overview of the NCCP, CAC, and SWA coaching roles for weightlifting
- Proper technique of the snatch and clean and jerk (lecture and practical sessions) 
- Proper technique of multiple assistance exercises for weightlifting 
- Weightlifting competition readiness and understanding
- Programming basics and outlines
- Anti-doping in Sport - lecture 

Plan to be moving and training throughout this course - please dress appropriately.  We will help individuals improve their technique as well as their ability to pass on good technique to athletes in the sport as the goal is to be a better mover as an athlete as well as be able to coach the basic to atheltes.