Criminal Record Check

For competitions moving forward, the SWA is requesting that all volunteers at SWA sanctioned competitions and those traveling with teams have a criminal record check done. Volunteer positions include coaches, officials, and/or board members.

The SWA has moral, legal and ethical responsibilities to its stakeholders. This includes our members who are athletes, coaches, officials, and board of directors. Criminal record check screening is especially important for organizations like the SWA that work with vulnerable people. Vulnerable people may include children, people with disabilities, and senior adults.

We ask that each individual volunteer go to their local police and get a criminal record check done. You will need to fill out the department's form, bring two pieces of valid government identification (1 being a photo ID) and print out and bring our volunteer letter (attached). The cost to get this check done is $10, but will be reimbursed by the SWA upon receiving a confirmation of payment and the completed criminal record check.

If a volunteer is charged criminally after the check but before the the end of 2019, you must update the SWA immediately. Each year a renewal on your criminal record check must be done.