2019 Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships

The Saskatchewan Weightlifting Association sent a team of 12 Junior athletes (list of athletes below) to the 2019 Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships that took place in Brossard, QC on January 19, 2019. The team walked away with 6 medals and ranked 5th overall for both the women's and men's teams. This is the most successful team Saskatchewan has brought to Junior Nationals in history.

Athletes (Name/Weight class/Year of Birth/City or town/Placing)

Bella Brown (49kg) - 2003 from Saskatoon (Bronze medalist in 49kg class)

Bella also broke all three 45kg Junior and Senior provincial records going 50/60/110

Shelby Shynkaruk (55kg) - 2004 from Martensville (4th in 55kg class)

Shelby also broke the snatch and total 55kg Junior provincial record with a 51kg snatch and 116 total

Hollis Finlayson (55kg) - 2003 from Prince Albert (5th in 55kg class)

Hanna Jacobson (55kg) - 1999 from Meath Park (6th in 55kg class)

Polina Bespalova (59kg) - 2000 from Saskatoon (Bronze medalist in 59kg class)

Irelynd Kotlar (59kg) - 2003 from Saskatoon (7th in 59kg class)

MacKenzie Wall (59kg) - 2005 from Saskatoon (8th in 59kg class)

Jola Troy (64kg) - 2003 from Regina (9th in 64kg class)

Caleb Astle (55kg) - 2005 from Saskatoon (Silver medalist in 55kg class)

Kaden Hein (55kg) - 2004 from Martensville (Bronze medalist in 55kg class)

Colton Anderson (73kg) - 2000 from Prince Albert (Bronze medalist in 73kg class)

Colton also broke the 73kg Junior provincial record in the snatch with 103kg.

Mckay Brown (81kg) - 2000 from Saskatoon (Bronze medalist in 81kg class)

Thank you to our coaches, officials, and team manager for helping the team this year! (Chad Benko, Brandon Blenkarn, Kelly Brown, Jason Cain, Joanne Gasper, Jocelyn Rylee, Ken Trofimuk).

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The SWA will be held in Saskatoon at the Sask Sport building on December 16th @ 11:00am. The Sask sport building is located at;

- Rooms 122/123 - 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7 (306)975-0800

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The AGM is open to all members and is an opportunity to hear from the board of directors on the past years happenings and to get an update on the direction of the association. If you have questions or concerns this is the best time to voice them and we look forward to hearing from our memebrship.

IF ATTENDING - Parking is available at the building (in rear).  When you arrive, you will come through the back door (ring doorbell at rear door). 

ALSO - SWA members have requested that we host more athlete camps/training sessions, we will be hosting a SWA team training session to follow the AGM @ Synergy Strength. We will supply a workout for anyone interested in taking part or you can complete your own workout you wish as well. We will have a couple fun team oriented challenges to complete during the training session, but the main goal is to simply provide an opportunity to atheltes who do not regularly train together to do so. The training session will immediately follow the AGM (provide travel and warm-up time).

If you have questions please contact saskweightlifting@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.


The SWA will hold a special meeting to discuss and approve the 2015/2016 Audited Financial Statements on Saturday, December 17th. It will happen around 5:00pm or immediately following the Sask Open. The meeting will take place at the Team Redgoat Gym.


The Saskatchewan Weightlifting Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday, December 3rd at 1:00pm in Saskatoon. Location will be at Synergy Strength.

The AGM Agenda will be as follows:

1 call to order
2 verification of membership
3 approval of agenda
4 minutes of last AGM
5 Presidents report
6 Staff reports - John and Chad
7 Finacial Statement - Jocelyne
8 approval of auditors for 2016-2017 year.
9 resulotions-  Transgender policy- Migration Policy - background check criminal record check policy
10 old bussiness
11 new business
12 election of board members
13 adjournment.

The proposed resolutions can be reviewed:

Transgender Policy

Migration Policy

Criminal Record Check Policy